Democratic Representatives Mike Quigley of Illinois and Katie Hill of California on Tuesday introduced a resolution condemning Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson's recent transphobic comments.

During a recent visit to HUD's San Francisco office, Carson referred to transgender women as “big harry men,” The Washington Post reported.

In an interview with Fox News, Carson cited the Bible in explaining his remarks.

“The Bible tells us that we have to love everybody and that Jesus died for everybody,” Carson told host Tucker Carlson. “It also tells you that if you stick to biblical principals, you will be persecuted.”

Carson added: “You know, if I wake up tomorrow and I feel like I'm Chinese, it doesn't necessarily make me Chinese.”

Over 30 House Democrats have signed the resolution condemning Carson's comments.

“Secretary Carson’s history of homophobia and transphobia go beyond simply being offensive. They are completely unacceptable for the federal official responsible for ensuring minority populations have access to safe, secure housing,” Quigley said in a statement. “At a minimum, he owes an apology to the staff he subjected to his bigoted remarks, to trans individuals around the country, and to the entire LGBT community. It is clearer than ever that Secretary Carson’s bigoted views make him unfit to lead HUD and the record must reflect that this Congress does not condone such intolerance.”

“I spent my entire career working in homelessness services where I saw over and over how disproportionately transgender individuals, particularly trans women, experience housing insecurity. Secretary Carson’s comments were hurtful, bigoted, and do not represent the feelings of this Congress, which has a historically large and diverse LGBT Equality Caucus, or the American people. I am proud to join Representative Quigley in this resolution to condemn Secretary Carson’s history of transphobic comments and policies,” said Hill.

Carson has a history of opposing LGBT rights. In 2016, Carson called transgenderism the “height of absurdity.” The previous year, as he campaigned for the GOP presidential nomination, Carson said that he didn't want the military dealing “with the transgender thing” and proposed “a transgender bathroom.” Also a vocal opponent of marriage equality, Carson in 2015 explained that he was opposed to same-sex unions because some inmates turn gay in prison. Carson later apologized for saying that being gay is a choice, angering social conservatives.