Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye's grooming guy, on Thursday met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to discuss the Equality Act and “living with HIV.”

Van Ness shared details about his meeting in an Instagram post.

“'We have to pass the Equality Act' @speakerpelosi said to me. I said, with Mitch McConnell how?? Speaker Pelosi said, (I’m paraphrasing here) the voters in states with Republican Senators MUST put pressure on their Senators to force McConnell to bring the #equalityact up to vote,” Van Ness captioned a photo of himself and the speaker.

“If you consider yourself an ALLY and live in a state with a Republican Senator I IMPLORE you to call, email, and mail their office and ask them to VOTE on the Equality Act,” he added.

The Equality Act, which cleared the House earlier this year, seeks to add protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to existing civil rights laws.

Pelosi thanked Van Ness on Twitter.

“Such a pleasure to see you again today, @jvn,” she captioned a photo of herself and Van Ness. “Your courage & commitment to building a better, more accepting world for all is an inspiration. Thank you for lending your voice to the ongoing fight for the #EqualityAct.”

In a separate post, Van Ness, who recently revealed he's HIV-positive, said that he also discussed “living with HIV” and “access to PrEP” with Pelosi and Illinois Representative Robin Kelly, a Democrat.