Queer Eye star Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk have praised Jonathan Van Ness for revealing he's living with HIV.

Van Ness, Queer Eye's grooming guy, discusses his status in his just-released memoir, Over the Top.

The 32-year-old Van Ness told The New York Times that he was diagnosed as HIV-positive at age 25. The diagnosis came after he fainted at a hair salon.

He explained that by coming forward he hopes to break down the stigma surrounding HIV.

Berk, Queer Eye's interior designer, told Variety: “We've been there supporting him around this decision that he had to make. We're just so happy that he feels supported today. It's been a positive thing. People are having a good reaction to it. And that's all that we can hope for – that he's happy and feels supported.”

Brown added that Queer Eye promotes “letting people know: 'You're not alone. And that if I can make it, you can make it, too.'”

Berk and Brown made their comments at Saturday's Hearts of Gold concert in support of the 50th anniversary of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where Brown worked with kids for seven years.