During Friday's presidential LGBT forum, Karamo Brown, Queer Eye's culture guy, told the audience that President Donald Trump's administration was not a friend to the LGBT community.

The forum included 10 Democratic presidential candidates and was hosted by GLAAD, The Advocate, One Iowa, and The Gazette.

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“I have to tell you, it is no secret that President Trump and his administration are not friends of the LGBTQ community. We all knew that, correct?” Brown told the audience.

“It’s not just Donald Trump who is the problem, it’s the people surrounding him. The rhetoric coming from the White House that is meant to divide our nation and target marginalized communities has to stop. And it is time for all marginalized communities to stand united.”

Brown's comments come roughly a month after he faced backlash for saying that former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was a “good guy.”

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“Please keep talking about this on social media, use the hashtag #LGBTQ Forum. Only together can we overcome the divisiveness that President Trump has caused,” Brown concluded.