Music producer Mark Ronson has come out as sapiosexual.

Speaking with ITV's Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Ronson, 44, said that he's attracted to intelligence above other traits, including gender.

“I feel like I identify as sapiosexual,” Ronson, 44, told anchors Ben Shepard and Kate Garraway, who congratulated him on being “out and proud.”

Earlier in the broadcast, author Nichi Hodgson discussed her sexuality.

“I have dated men, women, transmen, transwomen, and across the gender spectrum and identify now as bisexual,” she said. “The thing that has linked all these people has been their brains.”

“We know that a certain percentage of the population is also sapiosexual. They just might not know it themselves, because we haven't used the term before. It's always existed, we just didn't have a word for it,” Hodgson said.

Waiting backstage, Ronson heard the discussion. He said that he had not previously known about sapiosexuality.