Out actress Ellen Page has said that she would be “thrilled” to exclusively play queer roles for the rest of her career.

Page, 32, made her comments while participating in a panel at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival, which premiered her documentary There's Something in the Water. The film, which Page co-directed with Ian Daniel, looks at environmental racism – how environmental damage disproportionately affects minorities – in Nova Scotia.

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According to NBC News, Page said she has been asked whether she's “worried about being typecast” as queer.

“You would never ask a heterosexual actress that, as being typecast as straight,” Page said. “Why would I not want to play those roles? Quite frankly, I would be thrilled if it's every role I ever played again!”

Page also talked about the pressure she felt not to come out gay.

“I came out when I was 27 years old. Like, what? I wasn't talking about who I was and being my authentic self because I was an actress in Hollywood,” she said. “That's absurd. We need to look at these things as absurd.”