In recent comments to TMZ, out actor Daniel Franzese said that he doesn't understand why bigger gay men are not represented in Hollywood.

The 41-year-old Franzese is best known for playing Damian in the 2004 film Mean Girls and Eddie in the HBO gay drama Looking and Looking: The Movie.

Speaking with TMZ at the LAX Airport, Franzese was asked about an Instagram photo he posted of himself shirtless in a pool.

“Reclaiming my childhood spent wearing a shirt in the pool growing up in Florida,” he captioned the photo. “Not giving a F*UCK what people think feels so good. It's #bigboysummer and soaking up every last minute until #bigandtallfall. #BellyOutchallenge.”

“There are a lot of shows on TV right now … showing queer stuff,” he told TMZ. “But they just don't sexualize bigger gay men.”

“Gay bigger people are invisible.”

“I really respect Ryan Murphy. I think he's a leader in diversity and inclusion riders. But he doesn't have any sexualized bigger guys in any of his programming. Nobody does right now. I'd be working if they did!” he said.

Murphy is known for including LGBT storylines in television series such as Fox's Glee and FX's Pose.

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“I've never had a problem finding anybody to hook up with! All my characters have to beg people. I don't understand,” he added.