In a recent interview, NFL free agent Ryan Russell said that he believes the NFL is “ready” for an openly LGBT athlete.

Russell, 27, who most recently played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, came out bisexual in a recent ESPN profile and revealed on Instagram that he's dating a man.

During an appearance on CNN, Russell said that coming out made him a better person.

“Once I finally felt ready to come out, I just felt a weight lifted. I became a better brother. I became a better son. I believe I’ll be a better teammate,” Russell said.

“I believe the NFL is in a great position to be the hero in this story. I believe the NFL is ready to support an openly LGBT athlete. I know they have the resources to control any time of media hailstorm or distraction.”

“You can’t support an openly LGBTQ player if there are no openly LGBTQ players. … Someone has to take that first step,” he added.