Several teachers at a Seattle-area interdenominational Christian school have resigned over its anti-gay policy.

According to The Seattle Times, at least five teachers at King's High School in Shoreline did not return to the classroom this fall over a policy that requires them to reject gay and lesbian relationships within the school and their personal lives.

The teachers also objected to language from Jacinta Tegman, who leads CRISTA Ministries, the parent organization of King's.

Tegman, who has a record opposing LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage, became CRISTA's president and CEO in January. During a speech in June, Tegman reiterated the group's belief that “sexual intimacy is confined within the marriage of one man and one woman.”

Tegman's comments were included in a July email to families, sparking questions from faculty and staff at King's.

“You can continue to work at King’s if you are a Christian, confirm understanding and alignment with our doctrinal statement and willingly conduct your personal life and professional role of educating our students in a manner that is not in disunity with King’s theological beliefs,” Eric Rasmussen, head of King's schools, said in an email in August.

One teacher who quit, Megan Troutman, said that she could not “in good faith or conscience, teach in a place that creates policies that negatively impact an entire section of the student population.”

At least two students unenrolled over the policy.