A Greek bishop who claimed that a mother will have a gay child if she enjoys anal sex during her pregnancy has been cleared of hate crime charges.

Church of Cyprus Bishop Neophytos Masouras made his comments during a recent speech given at a primary school in Akaki, Cyprus as part of a series of “spiritual meetings of dialogue.”

He said that the enjoyment the mother experiences is transferred to the fetus, resulting in a child who is gay.

“It happens during the parent's intercourse or pregnancy,” Masouras said. “It follows an abnormal sexual act between the parents. To be more clear, anal sex. Saint Porphyrios says that when the woman likes that, a desire is born, and then the desire is passed on to the child.”

A hate speech complaint was filed against Masouras by the group Accept LGBTI Cyprus.

In a statement, Attorney General Costas Clerides cleared Masouras of the charges.

“Although the Bishop’s individual references are worthy of criticism and possibly disagreement, the whole context of his statements and the explanations he gave on the actual meaning of words and phrases, which he used to refer to the positions of the Church,” Clerides wrote. “They do not equate with an attempt to incite violence or hatred because of sexual orientation or gender identity, nor can they be described as hate speech within the meaning of the law.”