Irish actor Andrew Scott would rather you don't describe him as “openly gay.”

The 42-year-old Scott is best known for playing Jim Moriarty in the BBC series Sherlock and “the hot priest” in Amazon's Fleabag.

Speaking with British GQ magazine, Scott said that the term suggests people are not honest about their sexuality.

“You're never described as openly gay at a party. 'This is my openly gay friend Darren.' 'She's openly Irish,'” he said.

“It implies a defiance I don't feel,” he said.

Scott came out in a 2013 interview with the UK's The Independent.

Scott also weighed in on the debate about whether gay actors can play straight roles.

“Sexuality isn't something you can cultivate, particularly,” he told GQ. “It isn't a talent. … You believe the relationship, that's my job.”