Amid tight security, Bosnia held its first LGBT Pride parade on Sunday.

According to Radio Free Europe, an estimated 1,000 people took part in the march that began at an eternal flame to the victims of World War II and made its way down Sarajevo's main street to the nation's parliament building, where a rally was held.

Marchers were accompanied by a heavy police presence – more than 1,000 police officers, according to local media.

Opponents of LGBT rights used the same route to protest on Saturday. The several hundred people who participated said that they wanted to promote “traditional family values,” the AP reported.

U.S. Ambassador Eric Nelson, who is openly gay, offered his support in a video message recorded ahead of Sunday's march.

“The US Embassy expresses support to the first Pride March in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of the pride parade is equal human rights for all. Me and my partner appreciate the welcome and respect we received here. I will take part in the Pride March to give support to all LGBTI community members and their families,” Nelson said, speaking in the local language.

Nelson's support was criticized. Leaflets distributed around Sarajevo included an image of Nelson in front of a rainbow flag and the headline “Gay is not OK” in red lettering.

“I want to send [Nelson] the message that this is my country while he is just a guest here,” Mujo Aganovic, a veteran, told the crowd at Saturday's counter-protest. “All those who want to promote in public what they describe as their sexual orientation, especially when it is opposed by 3 million people, we view them as provocateurs.”

According to Radio Free Europe, Nelson marched in Sunday's parade.