Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye's food and wine guy, says in a new interview that he felt shame being sexually fluid when he was growing up.

The 35-year-old Porowski is promoting the fourth season of the Netflix makeover show and his first cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, which arrives Monday, September 9.

Speaking with the AP, Porowski said of his sexual orientation: “I'm still trying to define what that means for me. I think I did certainly have a bit of shame being fluid when I was growing up because I didn't know too many people who I could relate do.”

He added that being a spokesperson for the LGBT community stresses him out.

“I get stressed out when I get asked that,” Porowski said. “I'm not an expert in anything except my opinions about food and dogs and maybe scented candles. I just try to stay in my lane.”

Porowski's fondness for avocados became an Internet meme.

“I like an avocado,” he said. “I’m not as obsessed with them as public perception may be. Sometimes you get remembered for some strange things. It’s such a symbol of millennial culture. The stars just aligned to make me the avocado guy. There are worse things to be remembered for, frankly. I’ll take it!”