Actor Malik Yoba has revealed that he loves transgender women.

The 51-year-old Yoba is best known for his starring role as NYPD Detective J.C. Williams on Fox's New York Undercover and as Yul Brenner in the 1993 film Cool Runnings. He's also appeared on Fox's Empire and ABC's Designated Survivor.

In an Instagram post, Yoba shared a video of a man being bullied on the street for loving a transgender woman. Maurice “Reese” Willoughby, 20, later committed suicide. According to various reports, Willoughby threatened to kill himself and his girlfriend. After she left him, he overdosed.

“ATTENTION BLACK AND ALL MEN!!! THIS IS NOT OK!!!!!” Yoba captioned the video. “This video is another heartbreaking example of the homophobia, transphobia, hatred, and hypocrisy WE as black folks, BLACK MEN in particular have to NAME, FACE and CALL OUT and do the work to heal!!!”

“I love ALL women AND count MYSELF among those that find themselves trans attracted and I too have felt the self imposed shame that comes with that truth but it’s time to speak up. It is NOT about GENITALIA OR SEX but about attraction to the soul and humanity of an individual."

“As a self-identified cis heterosexual man I too am learning what it means to be trans attracted. Many of us famous and otherwise that have struggled with accepting our attraction so we do NOTHING. This MUST change,” he said.

Yoba added that he would be participating in this year's Trans March on DC, which takes place later this month.