Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, mocked a Straight Pride Parade held Saturday in Boston.

Local news outlets reported that counter-protesters outnumbered paradegoers and that the event could easily be confused for a rally for President Donald Trump. Thirty-six people were arrested and four officers were injured, outlets reported.

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In a tweet, Ocasio-Cortez mocked the parade's lack of women.

“For men who are allegedly so 'proud' of being straight, they seem to show real incompetence at attracting women to their event,” she tweeted.

“Seems more like a 'I-Struggle-With-Masculinity' parade to me. (shrugging woman emoji).”

“Hope they grow enough over the next year to support / join LGBTQ fam next #Pride! (rainbow flag emoji),” she added.

In a separate tweet, Ocasio-Cortez, a vocal supporter of LGBT rights, asked for donations to help bail out “activists who put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Democrat, also denounced the parade.

“Let's continue to turn on backs on hatred,” he tweeted, “using our voices to continue spreading the message of love.”