In an interview with PEOPLE, singer Lance Bass discussed starting a family with husband Michael Turchin.

Bass and Turchin married in 2014. They revealed fatherhood plans last year.

Bass said that their plans to start a family had hit some walls.

“There's a lot of walls that you hit,” Bass said. “I mean, we've been working about a year and a half on creating our family and we've gone through seven donors and it gets frustrating.”

“And then there's a point where you're like, 'Well maybe the universe doesn't want me to have kids.'”

Bass added that he does believe fatherhood is “in the cards” for him and Turchin.

“I hope in the next, you know, very soon I can be able to announce something very positive and I'm hoping for 2020 baby,” he said.

When asked whether the journey had brought the couple closer, Bass answered: “It has.”

“Going through something, especially a huge life moment like that, it does bond you. It just puts you on a different level of relationship. It's beyond being in love with him; you're with this partner now and you're creating this life that now is no longer about yourselves, it's no longer about you as a couple, it's about someone else. And that selflessness, I can't wait to feel what that feels like,” Bass said.

Bass added that the couple plans to adopt their second child.