South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was caught by surprise last week with a question about his sexuality.

Mike Stark, who blogs at The Crooked Dope, approached the Republican lawmaker to ask him about rumors he's gay.

In May, openly lesbian politician Linda Ketner outed Graham and two other South Carolina lawmakers in an interview published on the progressive political blog Fire Dog Lake.

“We have more gay people serving in South Carolina than probably in any place in the United States. They're just not out of the closet,” she said, then gave the examples of U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina State Senator Glenn McConnell and Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer. Ketner, who came close to unseating incumbent S.C. Representative Henry Brown last November, later apologized for her remarks. Bauer denied he's gay – calling the rumor “silly” – after blogger Mike Rogers outed him.

Graham, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, could barely manage a blank stare when asked if the rumors were true.

“You're aware of a lot of anonymous comments made by people who are afraid of a powerful senator from South Carolina regarding homosexuality,” Stark asked Graham as the men walked down a corridor.

“Yeah, but this is a little bit ...” Graham interrupted.

“So do you have to answer questions about that? I mean, I know a lot people from the Christian right elect senators from South Carolina,” Stark continued.

“This is different to me,” Graham responded referring to a previous question concerning questions he raised during Justice Sotomayor's confirmation hearings. Graham had asked Sotomayor to answer anonymous rumors concerning mostly her temperament.

“I'm guessing after a long career in the military, you're not going to dignify these rumors with any kind of comment?” Stark offered.

“Right … Right … OK,” Graham answered with a blank stare.