In a recent interview, Billy Porter said that Pose has taught him “to dream the impossible.”

Porter, 49, stars as Pray Tell in FX's Pose.

Pose explores New York's vibrant ball scene of the 1980s. It features television's largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles and the largest LGBTQ cast ever for a scripted series, according to FX. It was recently renewed for a third season.

Porter recently received an Emmy nomination for his work on the series, making him the first openly gay black man to be nominated for an Emmy.

Speaking with Deadline, Porter was asked what he hopes “happens with Pray Tell in future seasons?”

“Oh God, I haven’t even thought about that,” he answered. “I’m trying to be in the minute that I’m in. I’ve just got the first Emmy nomination and you all asking me about next year [laughs].”

“I would hope that he would find a space to explore relationships so that we can show how difficult that is. I think those of us who are my age who lived through [the AIDS crisis], we still have PTSD and we’re still trying to figure out what that means. What does it mean to be in a same-sex relationship, let alone marriage? That wasn’t stuff that we even had any context to begin dreaming about. There was no dream about it because there was no context to even think about the possibility of that. I always talk about this a lot. How Ryan [Murphy], this company, this show, and all these people have taught me to dream the impossible.”

“I’ve never dreamed that the kind of success that I wanted in this industry could look like this, could be this version. I was trying to create some masculine alter ego so I could work. To meet some standard so that I could literally just get a job. It’s all so fresh and new and all so unbelievable to me that I’m trying to just stay present and walk through with a little grace and style,” he continued.

Porter said that some scenes were difficult for him.

“The HIV diagnosis things are really hard,” he said. “It's so real for me because I lived it.”