During an appearance on Fox News, a spokesman for the Log Cabin Republicans claimed that the LGBT community was “better off” under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

The group, which represents LGBT conservatives, was criticized for its endorsement of Trump for reelection. The endorsement led to the resignation of a board member.

Charles Moran defended the group's action.

“[L]ike so many disaffected Republicans who have not been comfortable with President Trump and with his record, I look at the question of, ‘Is America better off now than it was four years ago and is the LGBT community better off now than it was four years ago?” Moran rhetorically asked.

“And under President Trump, the answer is inarguably, yes.”

“President Trump is the first person elected president of the United States who supported gay marriage and also has a background supporting equality issues both as a businessman and as a philanthropist.”

“We always try to follow the rule of trust but verify. And looking at President Trump’s appointments, appointing people in our organization, taking meetings with our organization, and just really advancing the big causes that are important to the LGBTQ community,” he added.

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During his first term, Trump reinstated a ban on transgender service members, has removed or is attempting to remove rules that prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and is arguing before the Supreme Court that Title VII protections do not extend to people who identify as LGBT. His administration's positions undermine the marriages of gay and lesbian couples.