Out trainer Bob Harper will host USA Network's upcoming reboot of The Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser ran for 17 seasons on NBC. USA Network's 10-episode season of weight-loss reality show will debut in 2020.

Harper, 53, appeared on all 17 seasons of the show's original run, including serving as host for one season.

Harper, who came out publicly in 2013, suffered a sudden heart attack in 2017.

During an appearance on Today, Harper cited his health scare as a reason for returning to the show.

"That is why I'm so excited to come back on to The Biggest Loser, because I related to those contestants way more than I've ever related to them,” Harper said. “Because I went from being this cross-fitter, working out so hard every day, to not being able to walk around a city block without getting winded. So I was having to start back at square one. So I really want to bring my recovery onto the show because I know what they're going through."

"It is a struggle and you just do the best that you can," he added.