In a recent podcast, Christian conservative Mat Staver claimed that the Equality Act would legalize pedophilia.

The Equality Act, which cleared the U.S. House in May, seeks to add protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to existing civil rights laws.

President Donald Trump has signaled that he's opposed to the legislation.

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Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, claimed on his Faith and Freedom podcast that Jeffrey Epstein, who is facing criminal charges for alleged child sex trafficking, could not be prosecuted under the proposed nondiscrimination bill.

“He’s fortunately facing criminal charges, and he should go away to jail for some time for his actions, if in fact these are proven true,” Staver told his audience. “And it looks like the evidence is, at least from what’s out there publicly, overwhelming. But in his case, if this [Equality Act] became law, how could that be criminalized? It couldn’t.”

“Because they are promoting, under the LGBT banner, minor-attracted individuals and having what they call intergenerational relationships. That’s pedophilia. That’s what they’re promoting. Oh it’s just no different than somebody who is a homosexual or LGBT.”

“It’s the same thing. They just have the same sexual perversion of a different nature. That’s what they promote,” he added.

Staver has previously described the bill as “unpatriotic and dangerous.”