Out filmmaker John Waters has responded to President Donald Trump's comments against Representative Elijah Cummings, a Democrat, and his district, which includes parts of Baltimore.

In a series of tweets, Trump called Cummings, a vocal critic of the president, a “brutal bully” and described Baltimore as “a very dangerous and filthy place.”

Waters, a Baltimore native, told Artnews: “Give me the rats and roaches of Baltimore any day over the lies and racism of your Washington, Mr. Trump. Come on over to that neighborhood and see if you have the nerve to say it in person!”

During an appearance on MSNBC's AM Joy, Waters, who filmed many of his iconic films in Baltimore, expanded on his thoughts.

“I lived in that neighborhood, in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Mr. Cummings’ district… for 17 years. I made Hairspray when I lived there. And, you know, I never had the slightest bit of trouble,” he said.

“People were lovely to me. And rats and roaches, you know, Baltimore, we work with what we got and we make it better. I don’t think he cares what I say but the problem is I don’t know how he thinks he’s going to get votes from this, because the people that are racist and that already like him – they’re already going to vote for him. But the other people that may be starting to crumble – this is going to make them not vote for him. So I don’t even think it’s smart politically,” Waters said.