Australia has banned homophobic pastor Steven Anderson from the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona.

Anderson said in a video posted on YouTube that Australia is the 33rd country to ban him from entry.

“So I’ve been planning a trip out to Australia to preach for Pastor Kevin Sepulveda at New Life Baptist Church in Sunshine Coast and also I was gonna be preaching at New Life Baptist Church in Sydney, Australia,” Anderson said in the video. “But I just got word back today that, basically, I’m banned from Australia. My ETA [Electronic Travel Authority] was denied by Australia. I’m not going to be permitted to enter the country.”

Anderson added that he now plans to visit New Zealand.

“Pastor Kevin Sepulveda is planning on coming and hopefully bringing a crew from Australia. That is if I don't get banned from New Zealand,” he said.

Anderson first made headlines in 2014 when he told his congregation that an AIDS-free world is possible “if you execute the homos like God recommends.” In various interviews he added that the Bible commands the government to execute gays.

The following year, he cheered the deaths of 49 people who died in a mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In June, Anderson appeared at a “Make America Straight Again” conference in Orlando. The three-day event opened one day after the third anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre.