In an Instagram post, out actress Ruby Rose revealed that she was broke and “getting depressed” before landing her breakthrough role on Netflix's Orange is the New Black.

The 33-year-old Australian actress said that she was living on a “blow up mattress” before landing the role of Stella Carlin.

“Not long ago I packed my bags and left everything I knew behind, for a dream,” Rose captioned an image of her character from the show. “I left my friends, family, career and comfort zone to attempt to break Hollywood.”

“After two years of trying to get a manager or an agent I had spent every last cent I’d made in over decade of 'showbiz'.. I was living on a blow up mattress from Target and I had only 6 months left on my Visa to prove I could contribute to the industry abroad.”

Broke and “getting depressed” from the rejection, Rose poured her money into a short film called Break Free, which centered on her gender fluidity. She said that she worried about the film's impact on her career. Instead, the film helped her land her role on OITNB, which recently ended its 7-season run.

Rose plays Kate Kane in the CW's upcoming superhero series Batwoman.

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