Hundreds of thousands of people in Europe are expected to take part in marches and other LGBT celebrations over the weekend celebrating Christopher Street Day.

Various European cities hold demonstrations in support of greater LGBT rights.

According to SBS News, Christopher Street Day, which recognizes the Stonewall riots in New York City, is one of Germany's largest LGBT pride celebrations. Organizers said that they expected attendance to hit 600,000 people.

A march in Warsaw, Poland attracted 1,000 people protesting the increasing anti-LGBT rhetoric coming from the nation's leading political party and last week's attack against the first Pride march in Bialystok.

“I am here because of what happened in Bialystok and because of the 'LGBT-free zone's sticker,” a 15-year-old student told Reuters. “If something is going to change, then the government needs to change.”

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Harassment and discrimination against the LGBT community still takes place in Germany, despite recent successes such as last year's legalization of marriage for same-sex couples.