The cast of Netflix's Queer Eye shared their coming out experiences with students involved in a high school's Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) group.

The cast came to Jonathan Van Ness' former high school in Quincy, Illinois.

Van Ness told the students: “I couldn't walk in these halls, not 10 steps, without someone – and brace yourselves – I got called the F word every 10 steps I took, At the time, a Gay-Straight Alliance, I don't think would ever be literally allowed.”

“As someone who got so bullied and so tormented, you guys are light-years ahead of where I thought the movement would be,” the show's grooming guy added.

Bobby Berk, the show's design guy, said that his parents took news of his sexuality badly.

“When I came out, I did not speak to my parents for quite a few years. We were estranged. We did not have a good relationship. Eventually, my parents came around. When it comes to our parents, sometimes we expect them to come to terms with you being somebody they didn't realize you were in seconds,” Berk said.

Tan France, the show's fashion guy, described the students as courageous for coming out at such a young age.