Reading, Pennsylvania Mayor Wally Scott on Saturday announced that he had changed his mind and decided to allow a rainbow flag to fly outside City Hall for the first time in the city's history.

The rainbow or Pride flag is a symbol of the LGBT rights movement.

Scott canceled the flag-raising ceremony on Monday, saying that he sees the flag being displayed on government buildings as a “political movement.”

According to the Reading Eagle, Scott posted a video on his Facebook page explaining his change of heart.

“I told them they can put the flag up,” he said. “I just asked them to keep the politics out of it.”

“What I am interested in is that the people that the flag represents have suffered.”

Scott said that he changed his mind after hearing from a “very prominent woman,” whom he refused to name.

“She told me about the first time she realized she was gay,” he said. “She told me she remembers the day when she told her mother.”

The LGBT Center of Greater Reading, which had previously denounced Scott's decision as “unacceptable discrimination,” welcomed his new position.

“The LGBT Center of Greater Reading recognizes that the change of heart experienced by Mayor Wally Scott is exactly in alignment with our mission, our hopes for the community, and what we will continue to work toward in the future,” said Michelle Dech, the group's executive director. “Education is our primary purpose and today's events highlight the importance and value of interpersonal relationships in changing attitudes and policies at the local level.”