Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló announced Sunday that he won't seek re-election and is stepping down as the chair of his pro-statehood party.

“I have made mistakes and I have apologized,” Rosselló said in a Facebook post. “I am a good man who has a lot of love for his island and for everyone.”

Rosselló has been facing calls to resign over homophobic and misogynistic comments.

The controversy erupted last weekend after 889 pages of messages on Telegram between Rosselló and several members of his administration were published. The messages include Rosselló using a gay slur to attack a journalist and a former senator. He also described a former New York City lawmaker who was born in Puerto Rico as a “whore.”

Several involved in the group chat have stepped down, but Rosselló has defied calls to resign.

Thousands of people, including out singer Ricky Martin and reggaeton stars Bad Bunny and Residente, have marched in the streets to call for Rosselló to step down. An island-wide strike is planned for Monday.

Analysts said that Rosselló's concessions were mostly meaningless because he was unlikely to win a second term in office.