During a recent radio appearance, Christian conservative Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, claimed that the Q in LGBTQ means protecting people who want to have sex with minors.

Speaking on Crosstalk last week, Staver railed against a non-binding resolution approved last month by the California General Assembly that calls on faith leaders to accept people who identify as LGBT and acknowledge the psychological harms of therapies that attempt to alter the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT individuals.

The non-binding resolution, Staver claimed, was “essentially a directive” that “targets pastors and churches” and “discriminates” against people who have “overcome unwanted sexual attractions,” Right Wing Watch reported.

He added that the resolution, by adding the “Q” to “LGBT,” was promoting a “spectrum” that includes “minor-attracted individuals.”

When asked about the more than 200 corporations that signed a brief calling on the Supreme Court to find that current civil rights laws extend to LGBT people, Staver claimed that the companies were “on board” with promoting the “spectrum,” which he defined as including “someone who believes that sex with minors is OK.”

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“They’re trying to use their corporate clout to send a message to the United States Supreme Court to do what the Equality Act would do,” he said. “And that is elevate sexual orientation and gender identity – and that’s this whole spectrum, by the way, that’s a huge spectrum, which includes gender identity, includes minor-attracted individuals. Now, what is that? That’s someone who believes that sex with minors is OK, that it should not be stigmatized, or criminalized, that having multiple relationships, not being monogamous, is OK. They are really on board with all of that, that whole agenda. And they’re wanting to force it on the rest of the country, but they’re wanting to do it through a 5-to-4 vote at the United States Supreme Court.”