Tan France, Queer Eye's fashion guy, revealed in a new interview that he almost quit the show during its first season.

Queer Eye returns for its fourth season on Netflix on Friday, July 19.

Speaking with INSIDER, France said that he considered quitting several times.

“After I accepted the job, I was going to quit before I started shooting because I was too scared of the pressure," he told the outlet. "Then, episode three, I tried to quit again because I was too scared of the cameras and, again, the pressure of being part of this community so publicly and having to speak for a community. So yeah, there were many, many times after I accepted the job that I thought, 'I'm not cut out for this.' I felt so much pressure to be Hollywood-y, show business-y, but I was the only one who had no show business experience. The producer of Netflix encouraged me to just be myself. That's why I was hired. I didn't have to put on this fabulous persona. I got to just be myself, which gave me real comfort."

France said that he felt pressure to represent the Pakistani and LGBT communities. France, who currently lives in Utah with his husband, was born and raised in England to Muslim Pakistani parents.

"I'm never going to represent everyone," France said. “All I can do is be myself and do my best to conduct myself well. That will hopefully encourage people to see my people in a more positive light... But other than that, I don't see myself as representative at all. I do what I do, and I hope that encourages people to say, 'Oh, well, we don't see all Pakistanis this way, we don't see all South Asians this way, but we like that he's not what we see in the press'... Basically what I'm saying is, not all brown people are terrorists."

"Then, again, accepting the fact that I didn't have to portray a version of what it is to be a South Asian, gay immigrant. I just got to be me, and that's why I thought, 'OK, I can do this, and at no point will I profess to speak for people. I am myself and myself only,'” he said.