In a new interview with the Guardian, singer-songwriter K.D. Lang talked about her coming out lesbian in 1992.

Lang is currently promoting her “Ingénue Redux” tour, which includes 11 dates in the United Kingdom and two in Ireland. The tour, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of her sophomore album Ingénue, started last year in the United States. Ingénue included two hit songs that defined Lang's career: “Constant Craving” and “Chatelaine.” It was released shortly before she came out in a cover interview with LGBT glossy The Advocate.

“I grew up with the adage that there is a wealth of purpose in being mysterious,” Lang told the Guardian. “And I feel like I haven't had the chance to be mysterious. My sexuality, and everything, was so much out in the open, and has been for many years. I feel exhausted by being exposed.”

Asked whether she recognizes that her coming out impacted other LGBT celebrities, Lang said that she did, but added that she tries “not to take huge credit for that because it's not a competition.”

“It's something bigger than all of us. I am certainly proud, but at the same time, I'm just one of many. Gay culture isn't just one sliver of humanity – it's a huge cross-section of people,” she explained.

In coming out in 1992, Lang said that she didn't “feel political” about her sexuality.

“I think as a human being we all feel discrimination at some time, we all feel oppression,” she said. “There should be strong examples in the subculture, and I think there should be people fighting for our rights. But I don’t feel like it’s my passion. I feel like it’s a part of my life, my sexuality, but it’s not – it certainly isn’t my cause. But also I have never denied it. I don’t try to hide it like some people in the industry do.”