Columbia Heights, Minnesota Mayor Donna Schmitt has refused to sign a proclamation recognizing Saturday as LGBT Pride day as the city prepares for its first Pride festival.

According to Fox 9, Schmitt, whose LinkedIn profile lists her as a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus from 2010 to 2014, was confronted during a city council meeting held on Monday.

“I'm standing here as a bisexual resident of our city and confused as to why my existence is being deemed a political issue,” Lindsay Schell-Edwards told the mayor during the public meeting.

“You don't need a piece of paper from me to do this,” Schmitt responded, referring to the activists' plans for Saturday's LGBTQ Awareness Day and Pride festival.

She said that she was unable to sign a proclamation because organizers did not follow proper guidelines. Activists said that those guidelines were only recently created.

“The mayor has continued to claim that we did not follow a process when there is no way to follow a process,” the group's Amada Marquez Simula told the outlet. “Seems very unfair.”

Frost Simula said during Monday's meeting that the mayor's actions were “discriminatory” against the LGBT community.

“By creating a policy that denies this proclamation request, the city of Columbia Heights is actively discriminating against the LGBTQIA+ community,” Frost Simula said during Monday's meeting.

Schmitt insisted that she is not opposed to LGBT individuals.