Artist and musician Casey Spooner has announced he's running for the White House.

Spooner and Warren Fischer in 1998 formed the performance troupe Fischerspooner, which has released six albums. Its latest, Sir, features an erect penis on the limited edition vinyl version cover.

“I don’t expect to win, but I do expect to make a difference,” Spooner said in a video posted on Instagram. “As a working artist, the only way I know how to deal with our current political crisis is to go towards the problem. I’ve been complacent in the past. No more. My own complacency has been a product of my white privilege combined with my distrust of the political system. And by never having felt an immediate threat to me or my lifestyle, I've never gotten involved. That ends now.”

“I think a large part of our crisis stems from our highest elected officials trying to run our country like a business, prioritizing profit over people. The most vulnerable victims seen simply as collateral damage,” he added.

In a second video, Spooner said that “the current state of affairs” in the United States has “transformed” him on a “fundamental level.”

Spooner, who is openly gay, in May posted a photo of himself on Instagram wearing a “Spooner 2020” t-shirt.