After raising nearly $25 million in the second quarter, the presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg is adding hundreds of on-the-ground staff.

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According to POLITICO, staffers have been added in key states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, and the campaign plans to add 300 people by Labor Day.

“As we go into the summer toward the fall, we really need to make sure we’ve got the right kind of ground game. And part of that is how we use my time, and part of that is in between [events] making sure we’ve got folks day in and day out on the ground,” Buttigieg said during a recent campaign stop in Sioux City, Iowa. “So you’ll see the numbers of organizers and volunteers that we have really growing.”

“The whole point of all that fundraising is making sure we have the organization we need to win,” Buttigieg said. “Obviously, we've got great news on that front. Now we’ve got to get to work.”

POLITICO described Buttigieg's campaign as a “shoe-string operation” that is expected to grow rapidly in the next few months.

Last month, Buttigieg made history as the nation's first openly gay candidate to participate in a presidential debate.

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