Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), has cheered a decline in support for LGBT rights among young people.

GLAAD's fifth annual Accelerating Acceptance Index found a decrease in support among young Americans ages 18-34 for the second year in a row. Support dropped from 53% to 45%.

“More young people ages 18-34 responded that they were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ uncomfortable in three personal scenarios including learning a family member is LGBT (36% uncomfortable in the 2019 report vs. 29% in the 2018 report); learning my doctor is LGBT (34% vs. 27%); and learning my child had a lesson on LGBT history in their school (39% vs. 30%),” GLAAD said in reporting its findings.

The survey was conducted by The Harris Poll.

Perkins, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, cheered the findings in a press release.

“For everyone who’s tired of scrolling through rainbow pride, here’s some good news,” Perkins wrote.

“Think the opposition to the LGBT agenda is only in the aging populations? Think again. The latest wave of resistance is in the last place most people would look: the 18-34 demographic. The children of Obergefell aren’t exactly racing to get on the radical bandwagon that’s redefined marriage.”

(Only 25 percent of total respondents said they feel “very” or “somewhat” uncomfortable “seeing an LGBT co-worker's wedding picture,” a 2 percent decline from the previous poll.)

“After years of watching this vocal minority push around Christians and refuse to tolerate other viewpoints, this group of young people has finally had enough. After all, they’re the generation who’s been forced to use gender-neutral pronouns, share locker rooms with the opposite sex, lose sports meets to biological boys, and embrace every other form of political correctness,” Perkins concluded.

During an appearance on MSNBC, GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis blamed “the Trump factor” for the decline in support among young Americans. The Trump administration's attack on the LGBT community has included the reintroduction of a ban on transgender troops and the introduction of policies that critics say enable discrimination against people who identify as LGBT.