Hawaii has joined a short but growing list of states offering a nonbinary gender option on driver's licenses and state-issued IDs.

Governor David Ige, a Democrat, on Wednesday signed the bill into law.

The law allows people who do not identify as male or female to choose gender option “X.” The change will appear on forms starting on July 1, 2020.

Maine and Colorado offer a similar option.

Ige also signed a bill banning use of the “gay or trans” panic defense in criminal cases.

Criminal defendants who use the controversial defense claim that a violent act was triggered by the revelation of a victim's actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

States with similar laws include California, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Illinois, Nevada, and Rhode Island.

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Ige said Wednesday that the bills “really demonstrate Hawaii's commitment to ensuring that everyone in our community can be and will be treated fairly.”