Out Olympic diver Tom Daley has called on athletes to come out to help LGBT youth struggling with their sexuality.

Daley, who is raising a son with his husband, Hollywood producer Dustin Lance Black, made his comments during an interview with Yahoo News UK.

“I’m sure that in the world of sport there are people that are closeted and feel they can’t come out and feel trapped and I feel really bad for them because it’s such a weight on your shoulders to be living like that,” said Daley, who came out bisexual in a YouTube video in 2013.

“Everyone is ready at different times and there is no right or wrong way to do it, it’s just a matter of being able to do it when you’re ready. But knowing that people in sport, especially a high profile sport, if you were to come out and share your personal story it would help so many young children that look up to you – whether it be a football player or a rugby player – and think, ‘Oh wow! Who I am isn’t going to stop me [from] being able to achieve my dreams in sport.'”

“If anything, being slightly different and being that person can help you be stronger and deal with a lot of different pressures when it comes to competition,” the 25-year-old British diver added.