Boston on Wednesday said that it had approved an application for its first-ever “Straight Pride” parade.

The city approved the group's event application and parade route, The New York Times reported. While an official parade permit has yet to be approved, the Boston Police Department said that it saw no major hurdles to securing the permit.

The group Super Happy Fun America is behind the planned parade, which organizers hope to hold in late August. The group's parade route follows the same route used by Boston's annual LGBT Pride parade. “Straight Pride” organizers themed this year's parade “It's great to be straight” and have created a “Straight Pride flag” to represent their “oppressed majority.”

At a news conference held Wednesday, John Hugo, president of Super Happy Fun America, insisted that his group doesn't “hate anyone.”

“We don't hate anyone, we just want to have our own celebration just like everybody else has a right to,” Hugo said. “All people from all communities are welcome as long as they show respect.”

Milo Yiannopoulos, a former Breitbart News editor famous for mocking liberals, earlier this month was named the parade's grand marshal. The openly gay Yiannopoulos confirmed his participation in an email to The Washington Times.

“I've struggled all my life with the sorry burden of homosexuality,” he said. “I am proud to be a supporter and ally of the Straight Pride parade – because yes, being straight is great.”