Out comedian Billy Eichner has praised Taylor Swift's LGBT activism after she faced backlash for her new single “You Need to Calm Down.”

In the video for the single, Swift and a number of openly LGBT celebrities from Laverne Cox to Todrick Hall and Queer Eye's Fab Five are living a rainbow-colored life in a trailer park as homophobes protest on the sidelines. The video ends with an appeal to sign a Change.org petition calling on the Senate to take up the Equality Act, a federal bill which seeks to add protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to existing civil rights laws.

The legislation cleared the U.S. House last month and President Donald Trump has signaled his opposition to the bill.

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Swift, who previously donated $113,000 to defeat anti-LGBT bills in her home state of Tennessee, faced backlash on social media, with some commenters saying that she was profiting off the LGBT community.

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Speaking with Variety, Eichner, who joked on social media “I guess I was too gay for the Taylor Swift video” in response to not being asked to take part, praised Swift.

“You know I think overall we need all the allies we can get,” Eichner said.

“I was really genuinely impressed by how vocal Taylor was during the [2018] midterm elections, telling her following to vote, coming out on behalf of Democrats even though she’s from the south and a deep red state.”

“I really thought that was so important. She got so many people into the system who now will hopefully continue to be in the system and continue to be politically engaged,” he said.