Drag queen Lady Bunny has come to the defense of Taylor Swift after she faced backlash for her new single “You Need to Calm Down.”

In the video for the single, Swift and a number of openly LGBT celebrities from Laverne Cox to RuPaul and Ellen DeGeneres are living a rainbow-colored life in a trailer park as homophobes protest on the sidelines. The video ends with an appeal to sign a Change.org petition calling on the Senate to take up the Equality Act, a federal bill which seeks to add protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity to existing civil rights laws.

The legislation cleared the U.S. House last month and President Donald Trump has signaled his opposition to the bill.

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Swift, who previously donated $113,000 to defeat anti-LGBT bills in her home state of Tennessee, faced backlash on social media, with some commenters saying that she was profiting off the LGBT community.

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In an Instagram post, Lady Bunny cheered Swift's activism, arguing that the pop star has done more for LGBT causes than most people within the community.

“I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift. Is she using gay causes to promote her new song? Sure, just like Born This Way, I Kissed A Girl and Madonna’s I Rise did,” Lady Bunny captioned of a photo of Swift.

“My question is this: Regardless of why she’s doing it, has Taylor Swift done more for the gay community than most within that community? She donated $113,000. We’re not all pop stars with that kind of money to donate, but did we give any to support our own causes? Love her music or hate it, Swift created a petition which has now been signed by several presidential candidates. Did you sign or create one? That’s free to do. Taylor’s petition supports the Equality Act, which bans discrimination against LGBT people for housing and work. The act passed the House Of Representatives in May. When I posted about it on Fecesbook, my post got a couple likes. My next post, about a Florida man on meth having oral sex with an alligator, got dozens of likes and shares. So despite what we may suspect is the reason Taylor is suddenly an ally, she’s doing more than most people in our community.”

“Why does it take a pop star’s video to get us discussing our own rights? Because gay media is so dumbed down? And is gay media dumbed down because they know what we clicked on before and are therefore just providing us with more polarizing celeb content? I’ve just looked at the homepage of several leading gay sites. Most articles are celebrity gossip. Without Taylor, would most even know about the Equality Act? Are the gay celebrities in the video posting about it? There is an election coming up. If we make no demands from politicians, then we get nothing from them even if they win with our support.”

“Whether I like her music or not, Taylor’s petition is a demand. Where is yours?” she concluded.