In a recent interview, actor Brandon Flynn suggested that his dating life is being “scandalized” by the media because he's gay.

The 25-year-old Flynn (13 Reasons Why) dated British singer Sam Smith last year. More recently, he was photographed with Richard Madden (Bodyguard), sparking rumors about a budding romance. Neither actor has confirmed nor denied rumors that they are dating, though Madden recently said that he prefers to keep his “personal life personal” when asked about the rumors.

Speaking with Variety, Flynn said that his dating life was being “scandalized” by the media.

“It’s hard not to feel like something in my personal life is not being scandalized because that’s kind of the way it feels when you read headlines about yourself, especially when you read headlines that have this big bang to them, and then you read the article and you’re like, ‘Why did you write that article? There is actually nothing there,'” Flynn said.

“It’s all just something to egg on some sort of rumor cycle that will just keep going around until you finally get something that will actually just make it all true or false. So, it’s hard not to feel scandalized. It feels like a slight. But no one wants to write that article or read that article that would be like, ‘Oh! Brandon is with this person and we are so happy for them!’”

“There’s always something behind it and there’s always some sort of scandal that wants to be revealed, and that’s frustrating.”

“And in fact, it wouldn’t be there if I was with a woman,” he added.