The effort to repeal gay marriage in Maine is failing, a new poll says.

The Pan Atlantic SMS Group's Omnibus Poll shows Question 1, the November 3 ballot question that would repeal gay marriage in the Pine State, failing. The survey found that the measure is trailing 52- to 43%.

Respondents were asked, “If today was Election Day, how would you vote on this issue?”

In April, the same poll found a narrow majority (49.5%) of Mainers – and a large majority (71.6%) of Republicans – opposed the gay marriage bill before it became law.

The new poll, however, finds the message of repeal campaigners taking root. The Stand for Marriage Maine campaign has argued that gay marriage will hurt families, especially children. They contend that if the law is upheld it will result in gay marriage being taught to schoolchildren. Three-quarters of respondents who say they agree with the measure – and oppose gay marriage – believe children will be affected, the poll found. A majority (64.3%) of self-identified Republicans say they support the measure.

Stand for Marriage Maine was formed in the spring after Maine lawmakers approved the gay marriage law and the organization easily managed to put the law up for a vote. The group includes the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, and the Catholic Diocese of Portland. NOM has played a pivotal role in the gay marriage debates in California, Iowa, New York and the New England region.