Emmy Award-nominated actress and comedian Wanda Sykes has responded to President Donald Trump's tweet recognizing June as LGBT Pride month.

In his tweet, Trump invited all nations to join his administration's global campaign to decriminalize sex between two people of the same sex. While the tweet makes Trump the first Republican president in history to recognize LGBT Pride month, the president did not issue an official proclamation recognizing Pride.

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Sykes, who is currently promoting her Netflix special Not Normal, made her comments during a BUILD Series interview in New York.

“A couple of days ago ... [Trump] wished a happy Pride month to the LGBTQ community,” host Ricky Camilleri said. “And People came to his defense, saying 'Why are you getting so upset? He's done so much to defend the community.' … I don't know what he's done, but what did you think about that?”

“That's bullshit. He doesn't have a sincere bone in his body. He's such a phony,” answered Sykes, who is openly lesbian.

When Camilleri asked Sykes whether she had ever “rubbed elbows” with Trump, Sykes answered: “No. I would chop my elbows off. I'd be walking around with no elbows.”