At Sunday's Tony Awards, out actors Zachary Quinto and Billy Porter called out President Donald Trump's attacks on the LGBT community.

The ceremony's red carpet celebrated Pride month with a rainbow background.

“There have been incredible political and social advances, but obviously we're living in a time when there's an administration and a faction of politics in this country which would like to see all of that rolled back,” Quinto said on the red carpet. “Not only for the LGBT community but also for women and minorities of all kinds. So, I think we have to stay vigilant. We have to stay active. We have to stay engaged. And visibility is a huge part of that.”

Porter, who attended the ceremony wearing a red and pink suit with a train designed to look like a uterus in support of a woman's right to choose, also responded to Trump's attacks.

“Representation matters. Visibility matters,” Porter said. “And these complicated conversations can exist in a way that is fun and artful. That's all I do.”

“It makes me feel loved. It makes me feel seen. You know, it's 50 years of Stonewall anniversary and we have an administration that is actively trying to pull us back into the past. And it's about us. It's about the people showing up and rising up, and saying, no; the answer is no. The end. And this is a part of how I do that,” he said, referring to his outfit.