On Friday, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, a Democrat, issued an executive order stating that the rainbow flag will be flown over the state Capitol building in recognition of Pride month.

The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBT social movement and is widely displayed during Pride month.

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This is the first time ever Wisconsin has flown the rainbow flag over its Capitol.

“Publicly displaying the Rainbow Pride Flag sends a clear and unequivocal message that Wisconsin is a welcoming and inclusive place where everyone can live without fear of persecution, judgment, or discrimination,” Evers said in his order.

State Representative Scott Allen, a Republican, was among the conservatives who questioned the move.

“Is this any more appropriate than erecting the Christian flag over the Capitol?” Allen asked on Twitter.

Wisconsin Family Action, a group opposed to LGBT rights, described Evers' decision as “a flagrant abuse of gubernatorial power.”

“Would the Governor authorize the Christian flag to be flown over the capitol or a Nazi flag or any number of other flags representing all sorts of Wisconsin citizens and their beliefs?” the group's Julaine Appling said in a statement.

State Senator David Craig, a Republican, also criticized the move, saying in a tweet that Evers' action “is in no doubt a statement to advance a cause. The only cause that the Capitol flags should represent is fifty states united in one republic.”