Openly gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos intends to serve as grand marshal of a proposed “Straight Pride” in Boston.

The group Super Happy Fun America is behind the planned parade, which organizers hope to hold in late August. The group said that it wants to follow the same route used by Boston's annual LGBT Pride parade. “Straight Pride” organizers themed this year's parade “It's great to be straight” and have created a “Straight Pride flag” to represent their “oppressed majority.”

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Yiannopoulos, a controversial figure, confirmed his participation in an email to The Washington Times.

“I've struggled all my life with the sorry burden of homosexuality,” he said. “I am proud to be a supporter and ally of the Straight Pride parade – because yes, being straight is great.”

Yiannopoulos in 2017 announced that he had quit Breitbart News, the alt-right website with close ties to President Donald Trump, amid criticism over comments he made that appeared to condone pedophilia. The comments also cost him a book deal with Simon & Schuster.

In 2017, Yiannopoulos called on Australians to vote against marriage equality just weeks after he married his boyfriend in Hawaii, saying religious freedom should be of “paramount consideration” not “those gay couples” who want to marry.