Christian conservative Franklin Graham has thanked the Trump administration for banning flying the rainbow flag at U.S. embassies and diplomatic missions.

The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBT social movement and is widely displayed during Pride month.

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Graham, son of the late televangelist Billy Graham and a supporter of President Donald Trump, said in a Facebook post that the rainbow flag offended Christians.

“I want to thank President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for making the decision not to fly the gay flag over our embassies during June in recognition of gay pride month. That is the right decision,” Graham said.

“The only flag that should fly over our embassies is the flag of the United States of America. The gay pride flag is offensive to Christians and millions of people of other faiths, not only in this country but around the world. The U.S. flag represents our nation – everyone – regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation,” he said.