Tomi Lahren, host of Fox Nation's First Thoughts, on Thursday applauded a proposed “Straight Pride” in Boston and blasted its critics.

“You can be proud of about anything these days, so long as it's not straight, white, male, or God forbid, conservative,” Lahren told her audience. “But as it turns out, the city of Boston may not be so tolerant and accepting of a Straight Pride Parade, either.”

“Sadly, at least in Boston, straight people aren't allowed to display their heterosexuality for all to see,” she added, referring to the city's initial denial of a parade permit.

The group Super Happy Fun America is behind the planned parade, which organizers hope to hold in late August. The group said that it wants to follow the same route used by Boston's annual LGBT Pride parade. “Straight Pride” organizers themed this year's parade “It's great to be straight” and have created a “Straight Pride flag” to represent their “oppressed majority.”

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“Don't forget,” Lahren continued, “It's open season on straight, white men in this country and y'all aren't allowed to celebrate your straightness. It's 2019, don't you know that's been off-limits for at least the last 10 years?”

Lahren added: “In this era of 64 gender options, female Boy Scouts, and pronoun enforcement, all things traditional or conservative are deemed hateful and deplorable. Enough. Enough with that crap.”