In an interview with LGBT glossy The Advocate, out singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge had some advice for young people concerned about President Donald Trump's divisive politics.

Etheridge is among the many artists who will perform at this year's WorldPride closing ceremony in New York City's Times Square on Saturday, June 30. The event is part of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn uprising, which is widely credited with sparking the modern LGBT rights movement.

“Playing WorldPride just helps me see how far we've come, the work that we have to do, and how strong our community is,” Etheridge said.

“The work that the people that came before us, whew! The ones that are still alive, I hope that they know how grateful we are for the work that they did,” she said of activists in the 60s an 70s.

When asked to give advice to younger people concerned about the Trump administration's policies on climate change, Etheridge answered: “'Oh, honey, I've seen leaders come and go.' I just came back from Europe this weekend. When I was in Berlin, I remembered how in 1989 I had a show in Berlin … the very weekend that the Wall fell down.”

“And I watched them actually tear down that wall, and at that moment as a 27-year-old, I knew that people can do anything, can bring about any change. Do not despair, someone who has just learned how to divide us over our fears, it doesn’t last long. The only thing – as corny as it sounds, love is always stronger than fear, and there’s not enough darkness in the world to put out one candle. So be that candle, be that hope. Hope is what inspires the rest of us, so be that,” she said.