At the New York premiere of Rocketman, actor Taron Egerton called the film's gay sex scene “quite beautiful.”

In the film, Egerton, 29, plays singer-songwriter Elton John, while Richard Madden (Bodyguard) plays John's manager, John Reid. John and Reid were also romantically involved.

When asked about a sex scene in the film he shared with Madden, Egerton replied that both actors knew it was going to be “weird.”

“I just formed a great friendship with a great actor,” Egerton told the AP. “And we both knew it was going to be weird, 'cause that's the nature of intimacy on the screen regardless of the genders involved. And we got along and did our job and made a scene that we think is quite beautiful.”

Egerton also said that he can empathize with John's being rejected by his family for being gay.

“It's really tough, you know. It's not something I can relate to because I had such a solid upbringing with great family and great friends. But I can only imagine the damage caused by not having that,” he said.

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